1. Shipping & Rates
a) Shipping time
Every order is packed and shipped within 72 hours once your settlement has been accepted. This delay does no take into account out-of-stock conditions.
b) Delivery time
Delivery time takes into account your localization. All of our shipments leave from France for Europa, China for Asia, and USA for America. The delivery of the products is processed by W.E.S.
c) Countries of Delivery
Because of current political situation and /or the lack of sufficient guarantees for shipping orders in some countries, you won't find them in the delivery countries list. But if you still want to be delivered in one of these countries, please contact us so that we can analyse the situation together.
d) Rates
Regarding legislation of delivery country, the nature or the amount of your order may be regulated. It is of your responsibility to get informed of your country's legislation and if necessary, to take necessary measuresbefore placing your order.We could not be responsible for a refusal of importation or for additional charges (taxes, customs fees, etc...) related to your order. The non-delivery of your order on these assumptions does not give right to any guarantee.
2. Your questions
a) What about shipping costs?
Shipping costs include packaging, postal and stamping fees. These amounts depend on the destination and weight of your order.